Michael Whiteley is the owner and founder of Chaos Laboratory Management Consultancy which has now been helping businesses for over 10 years.

Michael is a commercial animal who leaves and breathes business. This real interest and passion for business has been with him from an early age but really showed up when training to be an accountant. While other accountancy trainees were interested in auditing and preparation of accounts he was more interested in what made each business tick.

A company director at 27 he has worked as Financial Director, Commercial Director, Operations Director, Managing Director and Chief Executive in small and medium sized print and engineering companies before setting up Chaos Laboratory Management Consultancy in 2003.

One of Michael’s key skills is listening to his clients. He wants to understand how their business works, what they are looking to achieve and their views on the business before he offers an advice. This engagement also helps establish chemistry; there has to be a great relationship of trust and respect between the business and the consultant.

As a business owner he has the authority to make commitments easily including fixed priced projects and risk and reward linked to success.

In the last 10 years he has worked across a broad spectrum of business sectors the key is the business process, what makes your business tick and how do you measure and improve these features of your business.

If you think we can assist just call (01723 503115) or Email and let’s talk business.

Contact Details

Tel: 07957 881611

Tel: 01723 503115

Email: m.whiteley@chaoslab.co.uk


What a busy start to the New Year27-Jan-2014

What a busy start to the New Year. January has been a really busy month with 5 new projects. Looking good for February and March as well and that is without the new web site that will be launched soon...

New Growth Accelerator project started at AGNE Ltd.10-Jan-2014

Kick off meeting with Sean in Stockton. I have already done some work for Sean and am really looking forward to assisting them with their growth plans...

New Growth Accelerator project started at Life’s Energy07-Jan-2014

Kick off meeting this morning with Andy, Bill and Nick in Scarborough. What a really interesting business with fantastic opportunities to grow...

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