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Managing and sustaining a high growth business is really hard no matter how talented you are. We have assisted many high growth businesses in identifying and implementing their high growth strategy normally as part of their Business Planning process.

Our Managing Director Michael Whiteley is registered as a registered Growth coach with Growth Accelerator. His structured and forensic approach really assists businesses identify the right growth strategy by asking demanding questions at each key stage of the process.

Growth Accelerator is part of a £200 million initiative set up to assist up to 26,000 high growth businesses in the UK. The fund provides proven tools to assist high growth businesses and subsidises the costs of the Growth coach and any management training needs that are identified.

If you want to find out more about how we can help please call or visit the Growth Accelerator web site.

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What a busy start to the New Year27-Jan-2014

What a busy start to the New Year. January has been a really busy month with 5 new projects. Looking good for February and March as well and that is without the new web site that will be launched soon...

New Growth Accelerator project started at AGNE Ltd.10-Jan-2014

Kick off meeting with Sean in Stockton. I have already done some work for Sean and am really looking forward to assisting them with their growth plans...

New Growth Accelerator project started at Life’s Energy07-Jan-2014

Kick off meeting this morning with Andy, Bill and Nick in Scarborough. What a really interesting business with fantastic opportunities to grow...

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