Winning tenders

Sales won through tenders whether sole supply or framework agreements are important to many UK businesses. Tenders are mandatory for public sector contracts over £113,000 and increasingly used for lower value contracts.

The good news is that the tenders are more accessible to SMEs. The bad news is that so many are applying the quality of your submission needs to be very good to be even make it to the next stage.

We have experience in tenders from both sides of the fence, assisting universities and local authorities in getting the best results from their design and printer tenders and companies respond to tenders.

Our clients who use this service are all SMEs. They use us either because they do not have the resource themselves or they cannot dedicate the level of staff to respond to these important contract opportunities.

As well as general advice particularly as part of the business planning process asking whether public sector tenders are something the business should spend time on we offer three types of package to assist you in winning public sector work.

Getting you and your staff ‘tender ready’
Once you have determined that winning tenders is important for your business you need to respond successfully to Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs). To do this time and cost effectively you will need a tender toolkit. We can help you by identifying what you need in your tender toolkit, helping create important elements of the toolkit and show you how to respond to a PQQ to get the best marks possible. By using us you will short circuit the usual learning curve of PQQ failures. Normally we set up the tender toolkit with you live as you respond to a tender. Our clients enjoy a PQQ success rate of over 90%.

Ad hoc advice on important responses or tricky or unusual questions
We have clients that respond to tenders themselves and only use us as a second view on important responses or tricky or unusual questions on PQQs or Invitations To Tender (ITTs). This improves our clients’ chances of success by scoring more marks with better responses.

A fuller service, responding to tender opportunities on your behalf
We have clients who outsource a large element of the tender sourcing and tender responding to us.

We search for tenders that might be of interest to them daily and Email the details of these tenders to them. When they do see a tender that is of interest we register that interest on their behalf and lead the response to the PQQ and for print and design clients the ITT.

Our clients save time and money by investing only in the tenders that are of interest to them and that with our help they have a good chance of success.

If this is of interest to you please call to discuss how we can help you.

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