Print benchmarking

Strong commercial and financial skills and an excellent understanding of printing techniques mean that we excel at Print Benchmarking.

We carry out print benchmarking for printers as part of our Print Management offering but in addition we carry out sensitive print benchmarking for customers including government agencies, other public sector bodies and financial services companies.

Our work with printers involves identifying quality and cost effective suppliers that will reduce their outsourced print costs. Then we often create with them a buying guide that explains to them and their staff which supplier to use for particular job types and what mark up they should apply.

In our work with government agencies, other public sector bodies and financial services companies the requirement is normally very specific and our customer cannot get access to published rates because of the specific nature of the requirement or the commercial confidentiality of similar contracts. What we are able to do is to find alternate providers who will price up the requirements as if it was part of a contract. They are willing to do this because this is an area they operate in and they can be seen by our customer (often unidentified) as a possible future supplier. They also get valuable feedback on their price and quality offering.

If this is of interest to you please call to discuss your requirements. We understand the confidential nature of this work hence the lack of direct references.

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